Program for EU crypto refugees


Why there are tax heavens ? Usually because there are tax hells like in the most of the EU countries. With cooperation of we are providing complete program for crypto and also non-crypto refugees mostly from EU countries help to move permanently to Panama.

Why you to move to Panama ?

Panama resides in the central Latin América and was, is and will be the most developed country in the region thanks to Panama canal. Panama offers it’s beautiful nature surrounded by 2 oceans, or specifically Pacific ocean from side of capital city, Panama City and from other side Caribbean sea.

Thanks yo Panama Canal, Panama became a hub, for trading, banks, tourism, travelers and multi cultural spot. You can find here from skyscrapers in the capital city to wild green mountains with waterfalls, lakes, long hiking tracks, to ocean and sea sports, fishing, surfing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, golf and many more. All photos of Panama made by us you can see in the gallery below.

What we offer to refugees ?

  1. Program for moving / relocation – residency, driving license, legal support, personal assistances, advisory for trip agencies, real estate agencies.
  2. Reliable, safe and professional crypto to cash OTC desk
  3. Advisory for partners for trips and travelling
  4. Advisory of partners for real estate
  5. Building own house with European quality or delivering container / capsule houses
  6. Delivering and installing independent off-grid systems including electricity (solar, vertical wind) and water ( waste water recycling and desalting )

Relocation, residency program

All residencies programs you find at our page related to relocation and getting residencies called . If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask there and they will provide you all necessary information to move out of tax EU tax hell. We strongly recommend you to pay for this service as non-experience person you can get really stuck in the local bureaucracy and paper work. Especially that goes for non Spanish speaking people.

Tribunal Electoral de Panamá realiza trámites en el área de Sixaola en ...

Move your crypto funds into Panama

Part of the program is to assure our clients moving the crypto funds to Panama with the most safe way with profesional service as much as possible. The safety of our clients coming Panama is the essential service which can include not only OTC change but also personal safety or bodyguard. We are accepting USDT , BTC and ETH.

Travelling and short trips in Panama

What we really recommend in Panama before relocation is the minimum 3 weeks trip here knowing better the environment, nature, people and specific Panama culture which can be really different in different parts of Panama.

Sun raise in Buena Ventura resort (Rio Hato)

We have personal experience in many areas including resorts, villages or closed community of Panama including capital, Capira, Chamé, Coronado, San Carlos, Ell Valle, Rio Hato, Chitré, Coclé, Chiriquí, Colón (Caribbean sea side), San Blas.

Chiriquí, Boquete, Volcán Barú (3474m)

The only one thing we can’t provide you here, is the snow, neither in the 3500m height the mountain of Volcan Barú isn’t snowing. The only good snow you can find here is at your mixed juice with ice 🙂

San Blas islands, Caribbean sea.

Waterfall Kiki, Ngäbe-Buglé

Advisory of partners for real estate

The reality of Panama actually is that there are lot of real estate agencies selling or renting real estate (houses, apartments, land). Lof of them of course have in the offer something that can look from remote observation through the web pages or some visual presentation very cool. In reality, you always have to go there, look for environment, part of the Panama, neighbors, traffic, infrastructure which is really time consuming. To save your time and money we can provide advisory based on the personal experience.

Bringing and installing complete off grid capsule house

Big advantage is to not deal with any governments office related to building your house or some other type of bureaucracy with electric and water supply.

This option is the most easy way how to start living in the high quality modern house within few months. As extra service for off grid lovers we can provide the newest solar panels (fixed or flexible surface), vertical wind turbines, waste water cleaning and recycle and desalting the water. Total price for off grid (including transport, installation, with solar and wind energy = 10kW set) starts at 120.000$ without land.

Building your own house

Based on your needs we can provide complete service from legal support, real estate agency, building the house with highest energy saving standards of windows and doors, for off grid living (water, electricity). Time to manage project to build own house on the land could take much more time and we recommend to be at that time on site, in Panama physically.


Don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook or Instagram or contact form on the page. We speak English, Spanish, Slovak, Czech.